Our Personal Protective Equipment Policy

The management of Connectrix Ltd will provide the protective equipment necessary for the safe operation of its business.

It is mandatory company policy that employees will wear appropriate protection and safety equipment at all times.

Minimum PPE is as follows.


Suitable lace up steel capped boots shall be worn which adequately protect feet in the work environment.

Safety Glasses/Goggles

Eye protection shall be worn at all times, clear lenses to be worn in low light situations.

Hearing Protection

Ear protection shall be worn in high noise areas and when operating saws and rammers.


Gloves should be used when handling sharp or rough material/tools or equipment that could lacerate/damage hands.

Hard helmets

Shall be worn at all times when on site.

Clothing: Long – Long

Long sleeved high visibility tops and long legged pants must be worn at all times when on site.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is available to all employees who are required to work outside for times in excess of the recognised “burn time”.
Employees are encouraged to make regular use of the sunscreen provided.