Health and Safety Policy/Statement

Connectrix (2013) Ltd is firmly committed to the provision of a safe and healthy workplace
for workers and contractors in accordance with all legislated requirements including duties
under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, subsequent regulations, Approved Codes of
Practice, Standards and Best Practice guidelines. In meeting these duties Connectrix as the
PCBU seeks to:
• Recognise that health and safety management responsibilities rank equally with
responsibilities for production, services rendered, costs and similar matters
• Ensure that Connectrix’s workers and contractors work in a healthy and safe manner
and are not harmed (or do not cause harm to others) while working on Connectrix‘s
premises and work sites
• Encourage worker consultation and participation in health and safety matters,
including external guidance from worker nominated representatives
• Promote measures to prevent injury and illness by insisting on safe methods, safe
equipment, proper materials and safe practices at all times
• Maintain a list of preferred contractors who are eligible to tender for work for the
Connectrix in terms of meeting or exceeding the company’s standard for health and
safety documentation
• Ensure accurate, timely reporting of incidents (injury and non-­injury), investigation and
required corrective actions
• Share a commitment to ensure safe and early return to work of injured workers
• Promote a system of continual improvement including annual reviews of procedures
and policy
• Identify, report, assess and control workplace risks and hazards
• Design, construct, operate and maintain our assets so that they safeguard people and
• Support an alcohol and drug free work environment
This policy applies to all workers who carry out work for Connectrix and includes any place
where the worker goes, or is likely to be while at work. The following procedures must also
be followed by staff contracted to the company. The contractor’s terms and conditions
should include relevant health and safety arrangements.
To set out Connectrix commitments to providing a safe and healthy work environment, and
to outline the responsibilities for pro-­actively managing risks and preventing accidents.